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Iris Jacobson ChoicefulChange career transition services

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Iris Jacobson

B.A., B. Ed, CDP, Training Generalist

About Iris
Iris Jacobson ChoicefulChange career transition services

Having transitioned careers myself, I know how hard it is to make the change. I combine my own personal experience with over 25 years of consulting, coaching, training and counselling to help you clarify career decisions, navigate change and successfully compete in today’s job market. I create a customized, one-on-one approach to help each client find their path.


Choosing a career path is intensely personal and that’s why we begin our work by listening to your story. Using proven narrative road maps and tools, I help you uncover your personal and professional desires, explore career options, and achieve your own choiceful change.

I've also designed and facilitated hundreds of interactive workshops with high participation and outstanding feedback — some of which you can read here.

Iris holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from The University of Toronto, a Bachelor of Education Degree from O.I.S.E, a Training Generalist Designation from Langevin Learning Services and a Career Development Practitioner Graduate Certificate from Conestoga College. She is also a Certified Professional Resume Writer and CareerCycles trained Holistic Narrative Career Professional (HNCP).


The ChoicefulChange process
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Our process

It starts with a committed partnership between the two of us. While you’re the one who ultimately decides which career path you take, my role is to provide the knowledge, best practices and guidance you need to ensure you achieve your goals.


I will help you determine your strengths, clearly understand your career options and make strategic choices that will lead to the most rewarding work. At the same time, I will guide you through your job search with effective tools and resources that produce results.

The ChoicefulChange process incorporates:

  1. Understanding and clarifying what you hope to change in your career.

  2. Envisioning future possibilities for change.

  3. Evaluating individual strengths and weaknesses, in light of the market situation; accentuating your strengths while translating weaknesses into opportunities.

  4. Creating a list of alternatives; generating short, medium and long-term goals.

  5. Developing a plan of action, using proven job search resources and techniques (research, networking, resume writing, LinkedIn profile creation, interview coaching).

  6. Building self-sufficiency for ongoing management of change and transition.

Iris Jacobson ChoicefulChange career transition services


“I am a member of the Dancer Transition Resource Centre and was fortunate enough to be connected with Iris. We worked on career counselling together but it was so much more than that. Iris was able to help me discover my qualities and skills that make me special. This truly helped me build my confidence in my own abilities. She was a sounding board and was able to guide me through my transition from being a professional dancer to being a student occupational therapist. She was able to help me recognize the transferable skills that I could apply not only to other fields but in life as well. Her organization, professionalism, personable nature and attentiveness was much appreciated and I would highly recommend her services as you are working through a career change or transition.”

- Kathleen Legassick, Toronto

Iris Jacobson ChoicefulChange career transition services

Career Transition Sessions and Packages

Choose from a range of options designed to fit your needs. Sessions are typically one hour: via Zoom, in person or by phone.


Ideal for individuals who have a specific career question and limited time.


Will give you an in-depth, structured process with regular follow-up and feedback.

Career Check-up (five hours):

Ideal if you are entering the job market, returning to the job market, or going through career changes and already have some possibilities in mind.

Focus on: clarifying goals, further exploring and prioritizing options, researching and planning your job search (networking, resume/Linkedin profile writing, interviewing) and decision-making.

Holistic Career Exploration: (eight hours):

A helpful approach if you are considering major life changes such as becoming an entrepreneur, returning to school, completely changing fields or taking early retirement.

Focus on: assessing strengths, interests, assets, values and possibilities via a narrative approach, identifying options for change, researching and planning for change, creating and implementing an action plan.

Interview coaching (customized packages based on interview needs):

Helpful when you need “just-in-time” interview coaching as part of your active job search. Includes initial consultation, review of job postings and portfolios, creation of role-specific interview questions, mock interview with feedback, interview tips and strategies, and a post-interview follow up.


Focus on: highlighting accomplishments and results, addressing weaknesses, developing skillful responses to a range of interview questions and styles.

Payments can be made through electronic money transfer or personal cheque..

Sessions & packages
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